• “Soon after I rescued Atticus, he started showing signs of separation anxiety.  After following Lauren’s suggestions the barking has stopped almost completely. Overall he’s thriving and I’m starting to move on to his actual training. Lauren really helped alleviate my fears and I’ve got a great dog on my hands. Thanks again!”

    Jess S.

  • “My husband and I reached out to Lauren when we got our puppy. She taught Andi and us the proper way to train. We received weekly tips on how to practice what we all learned, and the training process moved at an appropriate pace for the development of our dog. We now have a dog that listens, is able to be outside on and off leash, and is a wonderful member of our family. Thanks Lauren for all of your help with Andi!”

    Allison K.

  • “I cannot believe the difference that one session made with my dog. I have kept her on a leash after drinking and eating and she has only had one or two accidents. She also listens to off when she is harassing Magic, our other dog, and will immediately sit and wait for a treat.”

    LeeAnn K.

  • “Lauren understands it takes working with both the dog and the owner to achieve success. She has a wealth of knowledge and is easy to work with! Highly recommend if you are looking for a skilled dog trainer.”

    Abby B.

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