Training Programs

Competent Canine

Does your dog jump on people or run around the house like a maniac… only listening when they feel like it? You have an awesome dog but that selective hearing can be annoying! This program will give your dog the house manners you want so you can enjoy your dog again.

This program is typically completed in about four lessons in your home and includes:

  • Detailed follow up emails after each lesson so you don’t have to take notes!
  • Three months of ongoing support including unlimited email and text support during that time, and two follow up lessons for polishing things up along the way!

Dream Dog

Have a quiet, calm house without a dog bouncing off the walls. Enjoy your walks, and sit at a restaurant, without your dog embarrassing you by barking, lunging, or dragging you down the street.

This program is usually completed in eight sessions and includes:

  • In-home sessions
  • Out-and-about sessions
  • Dog only sessions
  • Group classes
  • Detailed follow up emails after each lesson so you don’t have to take notes!
  • Private YouTube Channel where I can analyze videos you post of your dog’s behavior and training.
  • One year or unlimited private or group sessions as well as ongoing email and text support.

Set for Life

This program is perfect for families who want to enjoy their dog wherever life takes them… and have the peace of mind that you’ll have help anytime anything comes up in the future! Have friends over or head downtown and know your dog will still listen to you, come when they’re called, stay on their bed while you eat dinner and happily pay attention even when there are tons of distractions.

This program is typically completed in about ten lessons in your home and includes:

  • Out & about lessons to practice around distractions in public
  • Detailed follow up emails after each lesson so you don’t have to take notes!
  • LIFETIME SUPPORT GUARANTEE! Including unlimited email, text & video chat lessons for life, and unlimited lifetime in-person polishing lessons so you never have to worry about your dog’s training slipping over time.

Therapy Dog

Would you love for your dog to be a THERAPY dog? This can be very rewarding, and we can help! This program can be customized for the type of therapy work you would love to do and make sure your dog passes the tests needed. We’ll work on activities that fit those goals. This can include teaching your dog helpful skills like how to roll a ball or to rest their head on someone’s lab. We will also work on getting your dog to lie down calmly while people pet them, and how to visit someone in a hospitable bed. Includes follow up sessions so that your dog’s skills don’t slip over time.

therapy dog

Service Dogs

Having a service dog that assists you in tasks can give you more freedom. We can evaluate your dog to see if they are a great fit for this program, or help you find a dog that could be your partner. We’ll work with you and your dog so they are able to pass the tests needed to be ready to work with you in public, like ignoring distractions and focusing on you, and what you need.

Helping you have a dog you can be proud of

Whether you just got a new puppy (good thing they’re cute, right?), or you want to teach your dog to stop a few things like jumping all over everyone or dragging you down the street… we’re here to help! We’ve helped hundreds of families like you over the years and can’t wait to hear more about what’s going on.

We’ll start with a quick chat and then schedule a visit to your house to get to know you… and give you all the details about our programs so you can choose the one you feel fits you best.

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