Fins Animal Training

Dog Training in Savannah, GA

Competent Canine

Does your dog jump on people or run around the house like a maniac… only listening when they feel like it? You have an awesome dog but that selective hearing can be annoying! This program will give your dog the house manners you want so you can enjoy your dog again.

Dream Dog

You’d love to have a dog that walks right next to you instead of dragging you down the street, waits next to you instead of dashing out the door, and comes to you instead of chasing the squirrel in the yard?

Set For Life

This program is perfect for families who want to enjoy their dog wherever life takes them… and have the peace of mind that you’ll have help anytime anything comes up in the future!

About Us

Located in Savannah GA and serving families in the Low Country… we help dog owners enjoy their lives with their dogs. What is your dog doing that you wish they weren’t doing? What are they not doing that you wish they were? How is that impacting your everyday life? What’s going to happen if nothing changes? We’d love to hear the answers to these questions! Email or text us now and tell us all about your dog.

Contact us today to get your dog to listen +1 614-441-9599

Helping you have a dog you can be proud of

Whether you just got a new puppy (good thing they’re cute, right?), or you want to teach your dog to stop a few things like jumping all over everyone or dragging you down the street… we’re here to help! We’ve helped hundreds of families like you over the years and can’t wait to hear more about what’s going on.

We’ll start with a quick chat and then schedule a visit to your house to get to know you… and give you all the details about our programs so you can choose the one you feel fits you best.

Meet The Trainer

Lauren, a Savannah, GA native

There are tons of things I could tell you about my life around dogs… but what matters most is that it’s been so rewarding to help so many hundreds of families since 2017 when I first opened Fins Animal Training. (And really since 2011 when I first started training dogs.)

I started with one goal… to help people. I enjoy teaching people just as much as I enjoy teaching dogs (which many families tell me is not always the case with dog trainers!).

To see dog owners go from reluctant that they ever got a dog (I get it!) to really being able to enjoy their dog the way they always imagined… fun peaceful walks, going to town with impressive dogs that get tons of compliments, and even just living day to day life at home without having to yell at their dog to get back inside already or get off the friend who’s coming in through the front door…

The joy on their faces is priceless and why I love what I do.